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A natural landscape is a Romanian landscape that is nearly unaffected by tourists activity. The nature in Transylvania is intact when all living and traveling visitors are free to move and change. The fundamental elements distinguish a holiday in nature from the live of bears in wilderness. A bear reserve includes areas within which rural processes operate without any human interference, but a forest must contain life. As implied, a natural valley may contain either the living or recreation or both. In his extensive travels in the southern Carpathians, Vlad Tepes became the first to conceptualize the natural landscape. Some holiday-makers have described the transition of a pristine landscape state to the well known attractions which include Bran Castle, the primeval landscape, the ancient traditions, the undisturbed wilderness and the guided tours and trips. The natural holiday is a place in Romania under the current control of Transylvanian farmers and free of the expectation of people for an extended period of recreational time.

Journey, holiday and hiking in Transylvania in the romanian carpathian mountains

The theme is to love Transylvania and the Transylvanian nature. Holiday in Brasov and vacation in Magura and in Zarnesti, walking on the mountains.

Travelling to Romania in the southern Carpathians

Dracula vampires and bats in Bran castle and in Pestera and the vila hermani in Romania. You should visit the saxon fortified churches in Vulcan, Cristian and Viscri.

Walking-tours and guided hiking tours in Romania

With family tours and excursions in transylvania and the carpathian mountains. It is possible to get guided tours and trips on demand at any time. Information about Romania Boarding-house in Romania, situated in a wide landscape in the southern Carpathians. You can have a nice journey, a voyage, a travel and a trip and a passage and a tour in this region quite close to the nature, watching bears and wolfes and other animals. You can make excursions and sightseeing tours in a van or a minibus. Accommodation and guesthouse in Romania with nice rooms to rent and a big terrace. Rooms with bed and breakfast or a complete dinner in romania, in the carpathians, in transylvania, a long journey, a beautiful travel, a nice holiday, good vacation, accommodation, boardinghouse, guesthouse and off course hiking. Hiking in Romania and relaxation in a boardinghouse in Magura in the carpathian mountains, holidays with Dracula in Transylvania
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Villa Hermani
Home: CNTOURS and Villa Hermani in Magura/Romania
Concediu in Romania: Carpatii

CNTOURS and guesthouse Villa Hermani  =  Holiday in Romania

Villa Hermani in Magura and Bran castle
Carpathian Nature Tours:
Carpathian Nature Tours was founded in 1999 in cooperation with the Carpathian Large Carnivore Project (clcp). Within the frame of this "wolf-project" we developed a sustainable tourism program with the principle of social and environmental responsible tourism for the national park Piatra Craiului area. In the year 2000 Carpathian Nature Tours was a founder member of the first association for eco-tourism in Zarnesti and in 2003 a founder member of the first national association for eco-tourism in Romania AER.
Our main interest was – and still is – the conservation of nature and the protection of the european large carnivores bear, wolf and lynx. We therefore focus on hiking and nature experience holidays with wildlife watching. We regard a close contact between the traveler and the tour operator as essential, therefore we guide only small groups (max 15 persons). A special highlight for the carpathian mountains is watching european brown bears from a cabin in the forest. With some luck you can also see other wildlife like wild boar, birds of prey, owls or even wolves. We also work with the Romanian Institute for Wildlife Research on some of their projects like the beaver reintroduction program or the reintroduction of marmots in the Fagaras mountains.
The location:
The boardinghouse Villa Hermani is located at an altitude of 1020 m above sealevel (GPS position: N45°31’26,6”, E25°17’51,1”) in the mountain village of Magura, right in the middle of Piatra Craiului national park. Until 50 years ago the village could only be reached by foot or with horse and cart. This is why local traditions are still kept and are still lived by the farmers. Livestock breeding is the basis of the local income, in summer the animals graze in the alpine meadows cared for by shepherds and dogs as protection against wolves and bears. The hay meadows in the village are still scythed and there are more horse-drawn carts than cars on the road.
The guesthouse Villa Hermani:
The house was opened in 2004 and certified by the eco-tourism association AER in 2006. From the balconies or the garden you can enjoy the scenery and the mountains. Almost non-existing car traffic, the clean air, and the freedom of nature make the house a paradise for families with children. We speak english, german and romanian.
  • 17 rooms with ensuite facilities and balcony
  • Large dining room with sun terrace
  • Meeting room for 25 persons
  • Non-smoker house
  • Massage, sauna, tabletennis, beach-volleyball
  • Big garden with fruit trees
  • cross-country ski and snowshoe rental
  • Rides on horse-drawn carriage or sleigh
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CNTOURS offers hiking and relaxing in nature - or sightseeing and culture:
  • Hiking and nature experience trips
    Guided tours on demand, all year round.
  • Wildlife watching
    Brown bears, red deer or wild boar and capercaillie. You can watch bats in the "vampire cave" in Pestera.
  • Walks with a qualified forester in this unique forest district
  • Birdwatching trips for beginners and specialists
  • Roundtrips:
    In cooperation with members of AER CNTOURS combined trips to different romanian destinations, which enables the traveller not only to explore different landscapes, but also different mentalities, traditions, and life-styles. For example you can go hiking in the transylvanian forests and then relax while birdwatching in the Danube Delta, or you go north to Maramures where you can take a ride on one of the last working steam railways used for logging in Europe (an unforgettable experience!) followed by a visit to the beautifully painted monasteries in Bucovina.
  • Travels to the culture and history of the transylvanian Saxons:
    CNTOURS leads you to very authentic places in the region between Sibiu, Sighisoara and Brasov, off the beaten tracks. You will be astonished and attracted by the achievements of these people who migrated here about 850 years ago from the Rhine-Moselle valley. A visible expression for this history are the fortified churches all over Transylvania and cities like Sibiu, which was elected as cultural capital of Europe together with Luxemburg in 2007.
  • Photography:
    Several times per year CNTOURS offers workshops with the internationally renowned photographer Mihai Moiceanu. You will go on photo safari in different regions of Romania.
  • Tailor-made trips:
    Many of the guests fall in love with the country and come again to see more of it. Not only for them, but for all who are interested, CNTOURS creates tailor-made trips to the themes you desire.
    CNTOURS can operate the trips throughout the year. Experienced guiding is offered, with guides who lead you above all with love and interest for nature.
  • Other services:
    - Walking poles, cross-country skis, snowshoes and sledges
    - Rides with the horse-drawn carriage or sleigh
    - Mountain-climbing in Piatra Craiului massif or Bucegi mountain with   experienced mountaineers
How to arrive:
You can come by your own car. Or you better take the night train (8 p.m.) with sleeping cars from Vienna, that arrives in Brasov around 11 a.m. From there you can be picked up. So you will need no romanian money and no knowledge of the romanian language traduceri romana germana.
If you travel by airplane, you should fly to Bucharest. From there you take the train to Brasov. Or you can be picked up directly from the airport in Bucharest.

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